My Grandpa ♥

This is when my mother hugged my grandpa for the photo taking session.She kissed him
and he smiled with his mouth wide opened. He was really happy and shy! :)

Today I miss you, just like other days.

While I was doing my assignment, I looked at your picture that I took last year during Christmas Celebration. Everyone was busy talking with each other, but you were sitting on your chair and kept on looking at your watch waiting to go home from auntie’s house. It was our first time celebrating Christmas in auntie’s new house.

You seemed restless and I know that you miss home, just like you always do. You love to stay at home, with everything that you are comfortable with. Being at home, you can enjoy yourself watching television program which you like. Have your nap whenever you want, eat whenever you feel like eating. :)

Resting on your comfy bed when you feel a little tired, with both of your eyes looking at the spinning ceiling fan. I still remember how you cross your feet and put your arms under your head while you sleep. You look so peaceful and gentle just the way you are. Sometimes you will try to get attention by complaining about everything. This shows how cute you are, and I want to tell you I miss you grandpa!

No matter how far I am right now, I miss you..Staying out all by myself for my studies in Kuching, I learn to be independant and be strong when I face any obstacles. I still remember when mum told us about how you take care of this family and working so hard to earn a living for this family. You never let grandma to work in her whole life, you take good care of her. Although those days there were sad moments, but God managed to cure those memory.

Right now I am listening to Christian songs, they are just lovely and comforting. How I wish I can be right by your side and tell you next to your ear “Gong Gong, I Love You Always!” I will take care of both of you and want you to hold my hand in the church on my wedding day.

My 3D Character Animation

This is the 3D character animation subject that I was working on last week.
This is just the technical demonstration for my 3D character Millavonich. :)

My Graphic Novel Progress

My first panel for my graphic novel

Second panel sketches

Completed with pen tracing

Yay, I'm done with my first page!:)

Second page sketches

Comparison between a draft on the right and the final sketches on the left!LOL

Completed with tracing by using my drawing pen.

Page 3 progress, working on the 4th panel:D

Page 3 completed!I spent so much time on this page.Not an easy task.

Page 4 progress..

Shrek 2: You're bothering me!

his is my second brief for this subject that we need to create the typography animation for movie dialogue or song by using After Effect. I chose the dialogue from Shrek 2 when Donkey,Fiona and Shrek are talking about Donkey moving back from Dragon's place.:)

Step by Step to Fry An Egg

It is my second task for Form and Structure. It is basically an instruction manual which we have to show or teach something that is very common and simple by using our own drawing or photos. Everything has to be original. I decided to choose this title because I think it is very common and the most easiest thing when it comes to cooking - How To Fry An Egg. I sketched everything and scanned it. I colored it in Illustrator and wala here is the outcome of my work!:)

My 3D Character Information

This is the character sheet that I needed to complete before I started my character modeling. It is about the background story of my character and different views of my character, front view, side view and back view.

This is the UV mapping that we have to submit together with our ma.file. We need to apply the color for the character using this UV layout in Photoshop. It is totally different from how we applied the texture for our 3D chair in the previous assignment is semester 1, 2010.

Character Modeling-Ms. Milavonich

This is my 3D Character Modeling assignment.We need to model this character based on the character sheet that we have completed previously. This task requires patient,time and energy. Hopefully task 2 will be easier for us.

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